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GT/CS Convertible

Hi Mustang friends,

I am a Dane and member of MCD Mustang club of Denmark.

Here in Denmark I have stumbled upon an ”item” which I ended up buying, viz. a 68 convertible, built as a GT/CS Convertible and I am aware the this model was never factory-produced as a convertible. They were coupés only in 1968.

The history behind this car is that a Ford dealer (In Sacramento or Los Angeles, CA, apparently) celebrated his 22nd or 23rd years’ birthday/jubilee by having an equivalent number of models GT/CS Convertibles built/rebuilt.

The only proof of the history behind this car that the previous owner was able to present was a newspaper article from the time he imported the car to Denmark. This article described the above. Unfortunately he has reformatted his hard disk from back then and the guy he had the article from died of cancer in the meantime. Would you be able to dig out this history?

As I have not bought the car from him, I see no reason why the story should not be true, and I would therefore like to give it a chance.

According to the Marti report it was purchased by Midway Ford in Los Angeles CA; VIN# 8R03C116340.

Would some of you happen to be able to help with a contact or two who might be able to confirm or disconfirm the story?

As I see it, the story may as well be true, but before it has actually been proven it will only be assumptions that this particular model is one of the 22/23. How do you see this?

I will very soon have ended the bodywork and I need to decide whether this should re-emerge as a GT/CS or a Shelby clone.

I have googled the stories and come up with some information supporting them, such as:
mr mustang 686970: My Dad worked for erwin ford in Salinas Ca as a special order delivery driver (PT fun job) as he did many times he took me on a delivery run to SJ or some other city in the bay area. The car he delivered was a white convertible GT/CS special with a 4 speed, it a large v8-390, there was no room in the engine compartment. It did have that same roll bar-Tbird sequential tail lights- quad exhausts. It was fast & what I really can still feel & hear is the way it vibrated,rumbled, shook & deep sound of the engine at idle & at throatling up. Im no historian but I did ride in one with my Dad in jr high. That day was and is for ever etched in my memory. I loved that day as a 13 year boy!

jg_54: that's awesome! I have two of them with the 390 and they are a blast to say the least :-)
Again, regarding the GT/CS - they were coupes only, and from the San Jose factory only... With regards to the one you describe - it IS possible that an influential citizen "special ordered" the convertible from a dealer who did the conversion at the dealership (from a standard S-code) using the available parts. However, the VIN#, data plate info and factory build sheet (verified by today's Marti reports) would not say it was a GT/CS. Ford was careful not to compete directly with the Shelby line and there simply were no convertible or fastback "California Specials" produced from the factory! Many researchers including former factory workers have verified this time & again upon seeing a myriad of cloned and otherwise modified Mustangs listed on Ebay etc... as originals. Feel free to join us and pose the question again at: where some 1,200 members routinely discuss this unique Mustang :-)

Thanks Peter
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