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I got fooled by a slowly sinking brass float in one of my 4 Weber carbs on Val’s Fastback. At the end I was backing the car off my rack while the carb with a completely sunk float was puking gas everywhere on top of the motor. By the way, a brand new float. Sad think was it had been running “ok” (not good) until this event.

By the time I got it off the lift and away from the garage, I noticed the huge pond of gas on the freaking floor!! Weber manifold as two lips on each end of the manifold, so a huge pond of gas was sloshing around on the intake!!! Turned it off and slopped up all the gas. Garage floor and intake.... A little gas was left in the timing cover recesses....

Got wife out to turn key to run, not start position, to engage electric fuel pump while I was watching. Carb puked a bit of gas again, and I told her to turn ignition off. Engine never started and “pop” when she turned off he ignition. Small spark at the coil due to flex steel fuel line to close to coil..... Bazinga, small fire under coil in timing case cover.

Ran like a 57 year old man with bad knees and too much linguini around the middle!!! Got fire extinguisher and went into action. Stopped and reassessed the situation, ( no ladies my stomach does not look like the “Situation” ask Val) and blew out small fire with a massive blow from my lungs....

Went back in house and changed my depends..... Drank beer and counted my luck!! Thanked the Lord and drank more beer. I like beer!!

This is a no-shi_er!!! Happened about 3 months ago....

there is no moral to this story except.... “life is tough..... tougher if you are stupid”

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