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Originally Posted by Ruppstang View Post
Very good Nate. A old saying my dad allways liked is " Safety allways follows wisdom"
Sounds like you are rasing that three year old right. Marty
Thanks Marty. After reading stories here (and on other forums) about engine fires, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to anything remotely flammable and the '68.

I've learned the hard way over the years -- which included a rear wheel coming off my '67 Mustang coupe while driving down the road and rolling past me in college. Got distracted while putting the tires on and didn't snug them on well enough.

As for my son....he jumps at the chance to work on anything with me -- car, truck, motorcycle, house/yard. The trick is to give him the right job and keep him engaged. With all the travel (and time away from home) I do during the week, it's good to have this time together.

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