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...Interesting. My oldest is: C143583, built & released 2/20 with the later reflectors. I'm now curious on what day Lisa's was actually built...

I'm also amazed upon review of my Marti reports of how long some of these sat around before selling! This one was 10/10/68. The Highland Green GT S-code was 12/20. On one hand, the Shelby influence made the car! On the other hand> it seems to have hurt the CS popularity in the short run as a mere "look alike"... However, nowadays that's a plus!
I wouldn't be bombing around daily in a KR as I do today in a CS with so many people thinking they are the same.
Our corrective (and friendly) explanation often leads to folks becoming more enthused about the GT/CS over the Shelby!
Funny how that is! ;-)

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