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Cool After a year at sea a Harley Davidson washes up on the West Coast!

Hi all,
I don’t know if you saw this article in the news or not, but a local area fellow was up in the Queen Charlotte Islands beach combing and he found a foam lined metal storage container with a rusty Harley Davidson in it. It was washed out to sea during the big tsunami in Japan and after a year of drifting across the Pacific it washed up on the beach up there. He is a friend of our local Harley Davidson dealer Steve Drane and they made some enquiries using the serial number and Japanese licence plate number and they found the original 29 year old Japanese owner of this 2004 model bike. Apparently he lost absolutely everything in the tsunami … his home, all of his personal possessions plus three members of his family. Harley Davidson is going to ship this bike back to Japan to their national repair depot over there and will be totally restoring the bike back to “as new” condition, completely at their own cost, and then will "gift" it back to the original owner. Quite a human interest story and it has spread across the internet like wildfire and people from all over the world have been contacting our local dealership, Steve Drane Harley Davidson, offering to make cash donations toward the cost of shipping and restoring this young Japanese fellows motorcycle.
I dropped by Steve Drane Harley Davidson today to see our friend Sue that works there and while I was at the shop I shot some pictures of this bike since they have it on display until Harley arranges to ship it back over to Japan.

I may have passed my "best before" date, but I haven't reached my "expiry" date!
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