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The escort went very well considering the distance we travelled and the amount of motorcycles and support vehicles. Trying to stay together in a miles long procession in Southern California traffic was a trick in itself but it looked absolutely awesome.
It was stressful at times but what an honor!
I read POW and MIA names the next night and then came back a third time for the POW/MIA candle light vigil. There are many images and videos showing up already on You Tube and Facebook.

I left my POW bracelet at the wall. I have had it for forty years and my POW did not come home. My brother is a Vietnam Vet and I asked him what should I do with my bracelet....he said it was time to let it go. It took me several days to talk myself into it but I did it.
All of the memorabilia left at the wall will be collected and cataloged,placed into a vault, blessed and buried in the rose garden of the memorial park.

Thank you so much to our Veterans, God Bless You.

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