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I think I was misinterpreted a little, so a bit of clarification first. I suggested the newer block because of the roller rockers. You can still run a carb on that, which is what I assumed you were going to do from your first post. I suggested upgrading the internals in case later you wanted to add a supercharger, and you have more options with an EFI supercharger. Sorry for the confusion. I was probably a little brief. The only visible difference in the roller motor would be taller valve covers. Most wouldn't notice that. The newer engines are also set up for a water pump that runs the opposite direction and use a serpentine belt, but that's not a requirement. Rob is right on the heads and exhaust manifolds. There is a lot of power that can be freed up by a good top end, as Ford really restricted the air flow. A less expensive replacement would be GT40 (I hear GT40P are the really hot ticket) heads and factory headers, or you can go aftermarket alum heads and long tube headers. With that being said, my block was numbers matching, and at the time I wanted to leave the car original, so I used it with stock heads and manifolds, increased the compression a little, put in a Comp Cams 268H for a bit more power and am getting about 275 horse, which isn't to bad. There are times that I wish I'd have left it on an engine stand and installed a 400 hp replacement, but that's just because I don't think there's any such thing as too much power.


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