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Hey guys thanks for the responses I'm stoked I got some great input right off the bat. Ok, I grabbed some old papers I got with the car and the GT/CS recognition guide & owners manual and took down the VIN# from the car. I have the registry member sticker one of 4025.

Vin # 8501J156617

Its a J Code.

I took the air cleaner off and poked around but couldn't find the VIN # on the engine, but we looked before and determined the engine was not original and I am short of me getting under the car at the moment to look at the tranny I would assume the tranny COULD BE original. Probably is, and would ultimately be worth saving.

I DO have the money for an engine restoration at the moment. I just want it done once, and done right so I can drive the car for years to come. I am very interested in hearing any advice in spending my money in the right direction. I would rather not just give a mechanic a blank check to run up the bill.



By the pics you can probably see why I want to do some work under the hood.
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