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Steve (rvrtrash)was right on in everything he said! No surprise he has been to this rodeo before. Dalorzo_F is right on also!! Let’s discuss you current motor first.

First look at the VIN number at the bottom right side of your windshield from the outside. If it is an original “J” code engine, it should start with 8R01J and then six numbers after that. Tell us what the number VIN number is. Now take any air cleaner off and put a blanket over the left front fender. Get a flash light, small wire brush, and a bit of WD-40 to use as cleaner. Lay over the top of fender and work yourself to the back of the engine on the driver side. Right behind where the intake manifold there is a small “shelf” area on the engine block. Clean this block area right behind the manifold and look for any stamped in numbers. If it is the original block to the car it normally will have an abbreviated VIN stamping. 8R and then the six numbers. If you are lucky it will be the same six numbers as your plate in the windshield. Very valuable engine for you and makes your car more valuable to the right buyer.

Now get this puppy in the air somehow to look at the transmission. The transmission is made of two large cast iron cases. If you clean the area at the back of the front case, just where the back case bolts to it, you will notice a small area that is somewhat flat. It is located at the very bottom where the bottom rear case bolt goes into the front case. Clean and scrub and look for another abbreviated vin number. starting with 8R. Now if you are really really lucky, this matches the other two and you have a numbers match tranny!!! Mo value to your car!!

If the above stuff is true, then we will go farther. I do not know how deep you pockets are or how fast you want to go! Maybe you just want a simple fix for now? Then plan to pull all this stuff and either make it better faster, or just put it in a corner. Steve’s suggestions are spot on if you want more power, more fun, and better drivability!

By the way if you already have some parts such as an aluminum intake and different carb let us know. Respond to all of the above and we will start a dialog of where to go from here. A bet your current engine is very fixable!

By the way, I like the hood scoop!!!

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