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First question would be what do you want it to be? A Cal Special or a restomod?

Is the car origianlly a J code?

Me, I'd rebuild it with stock block, internal upgrades, leave the 4 speed (assuming original). It will be more than enough for the street.

I'd disagree that a replacement era-correct 302 would be seen the same as a 90's 5.0 (efi, vs carb, very different look under the hood). Its "correct", and most except the concours types pick apart date codes, and would look true to the original and most folks understand understand engines wear out... after 45 years!

If you want to impress people with HP/torque numbers and "go fast" then do the 5.0 and new trans to match...

That would obviously be a good performer, but a tweaked era correct looking 302 and 4 speed has the "old school" look, and will still put a grin on your face (my C code does!)

Keep it what it was, buy a cheap coupe if you want a restomod!
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