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The first thing I would do is pull the heads and see if it is just a head gasket or if there is more to it. You can probably have your heads rebuilt and install new head gaskets for $500, if you want to save some cash. If you do want or need an engine overhaul, I would go with the later engine because of the roller rockers. You'll get a little more power and economy, plus you don't have to worry about adding zinc during break-in to avoid wiping a cam lobe. For $6500, I would imagine you're also getting forged pistons and a forged, stroker crank, so later you can add a supercharged fuel injection intake. A 5 speed is also a nice upgrade to make the car more driveable. I would save the old 4 speed in a box somewhere just to keep as much original stuff with the car as possible. As far as value, I think that once the original engine is gone, it doesn't matter if you have a '68 style 302 or a built up '91 302. The purist will look at it the same. Everyone else will appreciate the increased driveability and "fun factor" of the new drivetrain. Right now, "restomods" seem to be going for as much, or more, than originals. Finally, hopefully, my "son" Joe and my "brother" Rob will post pics of their engines so you can see what you really want to shoot for. Guys? Oh, welcome to the site.


PS. Think about a 3 or 4 core aluminum radiator at the same time. A plugged radiator might have been your real problem, and with additional horsepower, you definately want it to be able to keep the temps down.

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