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Re:Restoration Costs


As Brian stated, I kept a running total on an excel spreadsheet for every part we bought. I have it broken down into catagories. There are some costs that Brian picked up that are not added into these totals, but here it is. For you folks that are just starting your restorations, I suggest you close your eyes if you don't want to see these numbers.

$7164.80 - Exterior (includes paint, parts, and help)
$2955.24 - Interior (includes everything we did inside)
$84.30 - Trunk area
$965.90 - Electrical
$959.00 - Motor (parts and motor builder)
$340.00 - Fuel System (gas tank, etc)
$880.22 - Brake System (front disk-rear drum)
$12.95 - Transmission stuff
$10.95 - Steering stuff (don't have power steering rebuild numbers)
$647.80 - Suspension
$504.45 - Rear End
$248.80 - Exhaust
$133.90 - Chrome moldings and trim
$482.84 - Hardware (bolts, nuts, etc)
$463.00 - Wheels and Tires

$15,854.15 Total parts

Excludes what we paid for the car and I am sure another $500 for misc items. As stated, some of Brians expenses do not show up here.

Now, for those who are restoring, you can open your eyes now. Sometimes it is best not to know!! ;D

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