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Originally Posted by clubpro View Post
Maybe Mike Jewell could run the license plates 2VQT025 and see who the legal owner is and maybe get the vin number. It is one of the rare white with blue stripe cars so it might be worth the effort. Seems like a really good price for a J code.


Ron, It is ILLEGAL for me to run Vehicle plates, VINs, or Drivers Licence numbers without a Law Enforcement Reason. It is grounds for IMMEDIATE Termination and/or Prosecution. Sorry. Can't do it. Won't do it.

During OJ Simpsons infamous low speed pursuit, the CLETS had over 450 hits on OJ as the pursuit was still going. Several dispatchers lost their jobs over it. California DOJ audits every Dept. every year and can investigate any inquiry as to the reason for the inquiry. See my point. again, Sorry. Now, Back to you regularly scheduled thread.

Mike Jewell
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