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Originally Posted by franklinair View Post
I understand what you're saying: I do show my car(s) in local shows but for MCA shows I put mine in the 'unjudged' category. I don't build Concourse level cars, and I had an experience many years ago that the MCA officials insisted that my '67 GTA convertible go in the Concourse category. Since then, I only enter cars in shows for fun.
It is amazing, the reaction & questions you get about GT/CS models. MANY people have never seen one or even know about them. I enjoy explaining & showing it for that reason. People are really interested & surprised about these models.

Neil, this is the same reason i went away from "stock" I still enjoy doing shows but now i can have fun. I make and rebuild my own cars the way i like them.Most people like the way i did it. even , We all love our cars.

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