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Originally Posted by planemove View Post
What you are saying is why I don’t show my cars. I do all my own work I do good work, as a hobby. Then someone comes along with a car they paid someone to do and they win. (because they have the money), I’ve just never found that to be fare why not have a class for people that work on their own cars
I totally agree. And I am one of those who bought cars that have won over folks who built theirs. But, my point is I don't give a damn about winning awards. All the shows I attend are "popular choice" and I do it as an outing verses competition. My point also (and reason for having GT/CSs) is that you can have a car show every day just by driving to a mini-mart, gas station, you name it....and your work WILL be appreciated, admired and discussed! And when you have character that matches your craftsmanship - all the better! You become a consistent winner through gratitude of people who get to see & speak with you verses a single-minded (judge) and a trophy that your kids will one day give to Goodwill when you pass... ....But that's just "me" talking....>
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