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Originally Posted by planemove View Post
Well I guess it's not that great of a deal. I have a body shop so to rebuild a car is not a big deal. ....

Thanks Bryan
An X-code GT/CS is a bigger "deal" than a regular coupe, IMO. Not a hot rod to be sure, but a rare and unique conversation piece nonetheless. Many of us who have had a lot of these get a "been there done that - no big deal" attitude and get bored - until we go to a Starbucks or someplace where the majority who are "non-experts" charge us up with genuine appreciation over technical blah,blah... I guess it depends on what you enjoy most about owning these cars... Impressing a few (bored) experts who will always find a way to 1-up you?...or being an ambassador to a rare piece of '60's auto history for the many who consistently remember and appreciate.

A factory big block GT/CS in any form would fill the bill!

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