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The X code, while a big block, is an "underappreciated" version as a 2V. An example of where "rare" does not translate to big $. Less than 800 made, less than 10% of S code production, but don't bring anywhere near the same coin.

As noted, "restored" means many things, from respray over pop-rivited and Bondo'd panles to a factory correct effort.

If its a solid car in "very good" condition 21 would be reasonable.

As a "kinda similar" for comparison. I recently bought a pretty plain jane X code coupe as a project mule for 11k in "good driver" condition. New interior, faded paint and some typical dings, battery tray apron rust and the trunk lid lip was bondo-over-rust (but will get replaced with Shelby-style fiberglass, so not a problem). Needed an exhaust system. But other than that pretty solid.

X code, PS, PB, AM, deluxe wheel covers so nothing exotic, option-wise. Dealer installed under dash AC.

And I'd love to agree on the plugs on an S code, but on my two (no AC) the ones by the shock towers are a PITA to get to....
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