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Rear window defogger

I am new to the community here and only have been a member for a few months. I purchased my 1968 GT/CS back in December of 2010. The car was born a J code, Candyapple Red, 4 Speed, and a console. Some years back, someone changed the car to White and to an automatic. I have since put the 4 speed back and will go back to Candyapple Red this winter. The one thing that my car has is a 2 speed rear window defogger. The Marti report on the car does not mention this at all. I asked Paul Newitt about this and all he could tell me is that is was in fact a factory and dealer installed item that is extremely rare. My question is if anyone here can tell me if they also have a rear window defogger and how rare of an item this is. Thanks to anyone out there that can help me. Tim
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