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Originally Posted by bcallmac View Post
Hi Mike

What information should we send you for the registry? We're really new at this and want to make we get you what you would need for the registry.*


Bob, Welcome and Congrats on your new car. Until we get the new questionair finished, you can send the full VIN and the Door data information. If the door data plate is missing the ink , just send the numbers that are visible, if the door data plate is missing, we'll need a Marti Report to verify the door data.

To truly Verify cars are true California Specials, We need either a Basic Marti Report and or the factory invoice. Kevin Marti can supply you with both. You can reach Marti Auto Works at, or see the link at

You can send this information to my email address listed below.

Thanks again Bob and welcome.

Mike Jewell
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