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Mike and I had a good talk the other night and I'm excited to get the ball rolling on this.

For years I had an online Registry submission form here on the site. It was one of my key goals in starting the site back in 2000; get more cars into the Registry by leveraging the power of the internet.

In the years that it was up roughly 450 cars were submitted. I still have all that info in an online, searchable database. It simply needs to be dusted off and reviewed in the context of where the Registry is headed now. I'll work with Mike and Bob to do that and hopefully have it back up and running soon.

I want to thank Mike in advance for the hard work it's going to take to be a Registrar. There's no question that it was hard, tedious and often thankless work that Paul Newitt put in running the Registry for all these years. It will be the same for Mike and he understands and accepts that.

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