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Originally Posted by CougarCJ View Post
Nice, 4 1968 HCS & GT/CS's all without vinyl tops.

So, whose are they?
I can finish this tread, sorry I didn't get to it sooner. Car # 1 is a J code HCS, sunlight gold color/deluxe gold nugget int. w/ ps ,c4, tint, AND one of 2 in the HCS registry with factory AC, owned by Keith and Marge Sheppelman of Parachute CO, just west of Denver. Car # 2 is a X code HCS, highland green/std gold nugget int. w/ C-6, ps,pdb, am 8 track, tint, heavy duty susp thus a NON gt. My wife and I own it in Arvada, Co., just north west of Denver, Co. Car #3 is a C code Cal Sp, royal maroon/red std interior, am 8 track, pdb, 4-speed, ps. and dual exh. We just sold this car 2 weeks ago to Barry and Julia Shaffer of Brighton, CO, just north of Denver. Car #4 is a C code HCS, meadowlark yellow/blk std interior, AM, ps and duals owned by Barry and Barb Mathias of Littleton, Co, just south of Denver. WE all are members of the Early Mustang Club of Colorado. Barry M. and I were disappointed that other (5) HC and CS cars in our area chose not to come this year. Also, at the SAAC get togther last summer(in northen CA), there was much, much interest from owners of the Cal Sp's there in coming to Colorado as well as numerous Cal Sp participants in Seattle at the MCA show in August (some dozen or so) that Barry M. and I met, were excited, but ALAS, no show. HOW about an interest next year (I'm not going to live forever, you know!!!) Keep it in mind, Father's Day weekend every year. Bob Teets here.
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