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Thanks for reminding me.

All fiberglass is factory original GT/CS with the exception of the left side scoop.

Wiring harness has the purple tag and is continuous from the front with no splices.

Fog light switch is old and discolored like the rear window defogger switch. I have removed it as it was breaking up and flashing the fog lights.

Proper grill with very old Marchalís mounted to it.

Proper fog light resister mounted on fuse panel.

Interesting note is my car had the Marchalís and the fog light switch when I got it, but there was no wiring in between. Not sure what that means. One theory might be to duplicate the look in a hurry.


By the way, here is another quote from the author from 2004. After our falling out, he denied this as a possibility. Said that he misunderstood Lee Gray. Not bashing, just the facts.

Re:Gold Nugget Special


Thanks, Doug for the neat website...

When I interviewed Lee Grey in 1987, I asked him about these "anomaly" 74-1111 Cal Specials, called "Gold Nugget Specials".

He told me that he remembered that his (sales district) assistant had made a separate deal with some northwest dealers, including Southern Oregon, to buy these cars. I'm pretty sure that the registry reflects these are very early production (GT/CS) cars.

As a side note--Iaccoca was the promoter of the local specials idea within Ford marketing.

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