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Still more,
Below is a quote from the author. It is clearly in error as I have a picture of the all white GT/CS from the debut. It does NOT have a tach and does not even have a deluxe interior. This is not to bash, but to confirm that debut cars did not have to have a tach.

I keep forgetting to tell this story....

In my 1988 interview with Lee Grey (So. Calif. Sales Mgr. in 1968), he told me that they originally wanted to include the in-dash tach as part of the GT/CS package.

In fact, the pilot cars on the floor of the Century Plaza Hotel (promo night, Feb 15, 1968) all had in-dash tachs, regardless of engine type or trans type. It was part of that "looks like a Shelby" idea (since all Shelbys had in-dash tachs) I can't say if they were all 6 grand or 8 grand type..

Unfortunately, it didn't become a production item.

More about it in the book.

Paul N.

Below is a pic of the holes in my trunk for the higher script from the inside.

Below are two close ups of my original script. I need to get a comparison to later run scripts that came on a GT/CS that are not later repops.

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