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Tim suggested that I try to organize one thread with all the information that I have found on debut cars. And to consolidate all the information on my car. It has an interesting history. To start this off here are two pictures of my car when I bought it. It looks great, but trust me these photos are very kind to it. The paint was very old and weather checked and not able to be rubbed out to any kind of a gloss. Very old paint. I will go into greater detail in the next post. This car had two coats of paint when I bought it. This color and the original colors of a Gold Nugget Special (GNS). In fact I found the “C” stipe under this paint. The “C” stipe was part of the GNS package. What is interesting is the fact that the color change was “extremely” thorough. This was not a blow and go, but every area of the car was repainted blue. And the GT/CS scripts were in the high location like Curtis’s debut car.

So my first question for the site is. Were there any other debut cars that were blue with a white vinyl top with white side stripes? This car is a one of one and extremely loaded. I have a picture of the "all white" car at the debut and it is very plain Jane. No tach, standard interior, and hub caps.

I encourage Scott, Curtis, and Doug to weigh in. You are new to this from Curtis’s car. Arlie, Tim, Marty, and Neil have helped me along the way.

More info to come.


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