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Car Shows at SAAC-36

Car shows are a big part of any national meet. SAAC-36 has three...count 'em, three shows spread over the weekend for a memorable event full of some of the best Ford-power the hobby has to offer.

First, on Saturday, there is the Annual SAAC Concours Judging. This is the favorite show for spectators and just a handful of very special entrants.
Once a year, owners of vintage Cobra and Shelby and Boss Mustangs compete for the highest recognition awards in the hobby.

The Concours Judging at a SAAC National Convention is the pinnacle of originality, where the best of the best are judged. Classes, following the SAAC National Guidelines, are included for performance cars from Shelby American (and Ford), namely Cobras, Shelbys, Competition Cars (GT40s and original race version Cobras), Tigers (engineered by Carroll Shelby), and Bosses (the Ford derivative of the Trans-Am Mustang race cars developed by Shelby American).

Teams of Concours Judges from across the country, with decades of experience in the individual vehicles, evaluate every detail of each car for originality, accuracy and workmanship.

This is not the show for the casual detailer. The judging standards are based on the benchmark of how the car appeared on the showroom floor of the original dealer, or as-delivered to the first owner. Decades of research and SAAC Registry documentation is used to judge how close the car is to perfection.

Simply stated, Division I dictates that NO reproduction parts are used...that the car is 100% original. Division II permits authentic reproduction parts, but entrant are judged to the same appearance and technical standards as Division I. A special third category, Survivor Class, is available for unrestored cars presented as original.

Judging takes place just about all day Saturday, with teams of Judges and Assistants scrutinizing every inch, top and bottom of these show cars. Based on a point-deduction system, Awards are mad for Gold, Silver and Bronze achievements. A SAAC Concours Gold award is a coveted accolade that only a few ever attain.

Visit the Concours judging on Saturday at the covered pit area on the South side of the Paddock at VIR. All Concours entrants will be on display until Sunday at Noon.

The next two Car Shows are open to the general public and all attendees may enter one or both shows. On Saturday, the SVT/SCMC team will hold a Judged Car Show on the skid pad, just outside the Paddock entrance.
The SCMC Judging Rules were created to be thorough and fair. The judging is designed to reflect if a car is clean, neat, and detailed. Any car modifications should look factory original. Normal wear and tear will be taken into account by the judges. Judging is based on Exterior, Interior, Engine and Modifications

A team of expert judges will evaluate all entrants on a 400 point scale. Trophies for best in class will be awarded at the end of the day

On Sunday, SAAC hosts the Popular Vote Car Show, where you and all other attendees can vote for your favorite ride. There are 30 classes that encompass old and new Ford powered vehicles.

The SAAC-36 Car Show will be a Popular Vote show with 30 separate classes. Owners and spectators will be able to vote for the car of their choice in each class. Everyone entering a car will receive a commemorative medallion. Entrants can begin to park their cars on the skid pad at 8 am. The actual voting will start at 10 am and will end at 12 noon. Attendees pick up a ballot sheet at Car Show Central and drop votes into their favorite cars. At the end of the show, the ballots are tallied and trophies are awarded to best in each class.

See you at SAAC-36!
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