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SAAC-36 Preview - Open Track at SAAC-36

SAACís High Speed Event at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) will be similar in concept to the open track events held at past national conventions. This is not a competitive event. There will be no classes, no times taken and no trophies awarded. Simply put, SAACís High Speed Event is an opportunity for you to drive your car at a speed you feel comfortable with, under the safest conditions we can conceive.

With so many cars expected from the combined clubs, weíll be using VIRís Grand Course. This is a combination of the North Course (which we used at SAAC-31), the South Course and the Patriot Course. Tied together, they provide a circuit that is 4.2 miles long! Thatís longer than Road America and it translates into quality track timeóa lot of cars being able to get out on the track in each run group without heavy traffic....quality time on a beautiful, historic course.

As an Open Track participant, you'll get your pit parking in the Paddock with all the racers. Your car will be given a Tech Inspection by the club's team of experienced racers and you must meet the minimum requirements for safety equipment. All cars must have a number on both sides (adhesive numbers or tape is acceptable). Drivers must have a helmet with the correct Snell rating.

Open Track registration can be a Single Day pass or 3-day package; you must be a member of one of the host clubs to run on the track. If you are not a SAAC member, joining SAAC will bring you a discount on Gate admission and a great New Member package that will include the SAAC "Shelby American" Annual magazine, worth $25 alone.

You must attend a Daily drivers meeting to review track conditions, rules of the road and any updates. The Open Track Schedule shows that each day has three half-hour sessions per run group on the big 4.2 mile circuit at VIR. Run groups are sorted by beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Spots will be allocated in a first-come/first-served basis to SAAC / SVTOA / SCMC members with Ford-powered cars only. Open Track will run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The entry fee is $495 for three full days, or $225 per day. Two drivers may share a car; the entry fee is based on the car, not the number of drivers. SAAC will run rain or shine; no refunds for less than perfect weather. Leaded and unleaded race gas is available at the track; pumps accept credit cards and will be accessible all day.

Instructors are available thru the SCMC group. Run Group assignments will be made based on the experience level of the driver(s), as indicated on the Registration Form.

SAAC expects that all spots will be taken by the time the convention begins, so Advance Registration is encouraged.

See you at SAAC-36!
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