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Originally Posted by cnassif View Post
I have a Highland Green C-Code that I have nearly completed all the metal work on. Next is body work and paint. I have the new GT/CS Recognition guide and it is incredibly thorough and a beauty. My name isn't in the registry either but I get to own the car so I'm not too worried about it.

First and foremost, I want to DRIVE this car on a daily basis and I don't have $50k to put into it. That being said, I'm confused about what to do when restoring it. As Paul notes on page 135 of his book, the "daily driver" represents most of us GT/CS owners. I do not have the original engine for safety am planning on adding disc brakes, use newer AC, and big crate motor of some kind. I will probably also be converting it from automatic to manual. Many of you out there may already be cringing but I would like my restomod to be safe and perform.

I am doing a complete "frame off" rotisserie clean up and then going to paint. I would like your feedback on my choices.
Choice 1: Paint it the original Highland Green (not a lot of pop to this color)
Choice 2: Paint it another GT/CS color
Choice 3: Paint it a custom color to highlight its restomod / custom status.

Understanding that my goal is not resale value but it is to drive and enjoy for myself for years to come, what are your thoughts?

P.S. For the purists out there who have restored theirs to original, I commend you all. After reading what goes into every hose clamp and part to make sure its concourse correct, I commend each and every one of you. Especially knowing that you had to gather all this information before the book came out. Well done. I just would feel bad to drive it after doing all that work and I really, really want to drive it. Go easy on me.

bear in mind, bright colors, or vividly contrasting colors can be seen by officers of the law for miles. food for thought if you have a heavy foot like me.
and 3m clear bra on the front does protect the car from rock chips. something is needed for driven cars

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