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I am very happy with the paint on both their cars and the modifications they they did as well. My older son Travis is 6-5 so we used a 69 seat back with head rests. I wished we would have shortened the seat pedestals to give him a bit more head room. Everything that we did was a bolt on so we can go back. The cars were fun to build not having to worry about every nut and bolt being correct.
Yes if you can see that a repair has been made then expect a point or two deduction. The best repair in any case is to replace the whole panel but I under stand on the floor pan some times a small repair is more cost effective. If you choose the latter I would recommend a butt joint on the repair, weld and grind. If good workmanship is used it is hard to tell. Also do not for get to replace the drips in the red oxide. Marty

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