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Originally Posted by Ruppstang View Post
I am a MCA concours judge so you know where my personal allegiances are. I helped both of my boys build 67 & 68 driver cars. They were all over the map on color changes. I encoraged them to keep their orignial colors or at least choose a Mustang color. In the end they kept the orignial color but doubled the grain size of the metalic. The results were beautiful. Craig's 67 is clear water aqua not quite gulfstream aqua but close. I will post a picture of it. In the end do what makes YOU HAPPY! Marty
Along that thread, were you pleased with the paint? I was considering making it more metallic or pearl, regardless of the color.

On a quick note, I have an MCA question. I had to replace some of the metal on my car with new metal. Not sure how they would blend the seam for the floor pans from underneath so I would assume that would be docked points. Is that true?

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