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Tough decision to make. Have to agree on the highland green. In saying that my car has had a pretty colourfull past.(excuse the pun) Started its life as lime gold with matching interior. By the time I had got it , it was some kind of 2 pack red that was falling off in chunks. Other bits that had been modified were side pods had been fiberglassed into the body as if it was all one piece. It had been converted to right hand drive ,thus the air conditioner ,power steering and heater were all removed. It also had incorrect driving lights and void of the hood latches. Not to mention the interior had been changed to black and the original J code block replaced with a standard 302 windsor. Over time I have repainted it in candy apple red.(A 1968 paint colour) I have also sourced lucas lights and hood latches. I have done my best to bring it back to what can be identified as a california special with my budget which is pretty small considering I have 3 teenage kids. While I own it , it would be safe to say that it will not be returning back to or resemble how it originated.
Good luck with what ever you choose and enjoy your choice.
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