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...I always like these "what would make everyone happy" threads. They're always popular with a lot of individuals who showcase what makes themselves happy (and with the best of ideas). My point is - don't discount your own ideas or be shy about sharing them on a future thread of like with pride and your own sense of value. In another unpleasant, but documented fact, remember also that the author who gathered up information for this book (who now disses this group) tried to sell his extremely worn and less correct car at the price of a Shelby simply because it was "his" (sense of value) rather than with the effort and expense that most people endure. No need to try & impress likes of him IMO...

As far as color, stripes, high performance and safety mods etc..., by all means, but your greatest joy and safety will come with your own respectful operation and pride that will be affirmed best by people in your own neighborhood. You'll see :-)

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