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I find it interesting how many folks who want a "safe" car go for a "big engine" (e.g. fast) and manual... ;-) And 245's or bigger on the rear. Drums are fine for daily drivers, I'm pleasantly surprised by the ones in my CS, but discs are better... two words for "safer" ... drive slower. Safest thing you can do in any car.

I debated a similar issue, as my CS is a bit frayed, but fairly original, decided to go semi-factory, but not go crazy over paint daubs, etc. Most parts are readily available and "close" (e.g. AMK kits). I'm going to do a minor respray over old paint to fix door dings and a few faded bits, new stripes, dye the original vinyl roof (my painter mentioned some miracle paint/dye he had) yank the engine, replace the Holley with a corect 2100, detail the engine bay and engine and then just drop it back in drive it. A tidy drum/C code/C4... that's a blast to drive in its range!

Once you go bare metal if you strip everything, the mission creep begins. Do you put back on old parts with a nice new paint job? If not, $$$ go up, and up... and you end up with an expensive restoration as old interior, suspension, etc stands out like a dogs balls on a nice new paint job.

On the GH, not a cheap option. You'll spend a lot on Shelby fiberglass, and massaging it to look good, and then there's all the other Shelby bling if your really doing a replica and not just a paint job and vinyl roof that looks similar (I loath a "GT350" clone that's a coupe white paint and blue stripes over a basically stock, standard interior, C code!). I'm going to do a GH and it will not be cheap, I'm budgeting $50k, and doubt I'll hit that mark. The Shelby stuff alone is about 6-7k, front glass and trim 4k, console/gauges, 1k, wheels, 1k, deluxe interior 2k, body/paint (to do the car justice) $15k easy. Big block, stroked, 8k, efi throttle body setup, 2k, beefed up C6, 2k, etc, etc.... so you can paint it green for a lot less, but a true replica will be a significant cost. But a way cool car!

Restore it to what you want, if its a $50k job, drive it anyway. I do with my S convertible (non CS) and figure that's what insurance is for.. Just realize restomods will never hold value as much as original, IMHO. A worn crate motor has little value, a worn VIN stamped block or proper date stamped "correct" parts can entice some to buy.. but even then a concours restoration is rarely a money maker... wrong hobby to get rich with!

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