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In your case Cnassif I would say go with what you would like, especially when it comes to the paint. I have only seen Highland Green once and have to admit it is a very pretty color but I really enjoy driving my car that is Gulfstream Aqua. The Aqua really stands out compared to the other (newer) car colors I see on the road. I agree with Rvrtrash when he said "save your old parts and don't do any mod that can't be reversed," but in the long run the car is yours and you are more than right do with it as you please.

I know with my car, I constantly fight back and forth about making improvements / changes or keeping it 100% original. Since my car still has a numbers matching engine I will being going back to stock with only a few minor changes that will be reversible later. My 2 cents.

“It's a God-send for any of us who want to bring these gorgeous cars back to life.” Cnassif, I completely agree with you here. I may not have been around when these cars were new on the road but nothing makes me happier than to see someone else driving a classic on the highway. I may be from the younger crowd but I still appreciate the beauty of these and all the classics out there. To all the long standing members of the site who have poured their life into researching our cars, I thank you.


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