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Getting back in the Mustang Game

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I have been reading over the responses and I understand the two schools of thought very well. I've been on this site for just over 3 years and have read many different opinions...all are very passionate. I appreciate all of your comments and look forward to many more both encouraging and dissenting.

So far the tally is:
Don't change it idiot - 5.5 votes
Do what you like - 3.5 votes

The .5 vote is for Midnight special who said to keep it the same color but have fun with the big engine and manual tranny.

What about a Green Hornet Tribute (although that would probably cost me a grip)? You guys like that idea?

Without going into a ridiculously long story, my parents bought one new in 68. It went to my grandmother and I bought it from her when I turned 18. I couldn't afford the gas and maintenance costs so I had to sell it. I have tried to find it but have not been able to get the VIN, as I gave all the records to the new owner. It was a Gulfstream Aqua 302 4bbl with deluxe interior, AC, and a black vinyl top. I was half thinking of converting this one and giving it back to Dad and Mom because I couldn't find the original.

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