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Re:Car Show Help

I have a few "not so novel" thoughts which everyone knows, but haven't yet been said. Mine are mostly aesthetics, but here goes: Tires and markings all legible, straight up and down. Hubcaps (if your car has them) same way. If the radio antenna is collapsible, push it down. Don't need a 3' lightning rod. Door lock knobs down if possible, and remember the little grommets were not painted, they were clear. Window crank handles offset so that they match when viewed from left side to right side. Seat belts aligned in some fashion, doesn't matter how, just aligned all the same. Front seat roof line seat belts correctly hooked into their rubber fittings, and take up the "sag" (push wire holders forward to make them tight).

Last, take a few digital photos of your setup at the show, if possible, and scrutinize them on a PC. It is amazing what we miss when looking at the "big picture" because we don't see the small picture... Keep thinking "if it was in a magazine photo shoot......" And of course, clean, clean, clean.
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