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Re:Car Show Help

All great input guys. To follow up, the World of Wheels is an indoor event. They do require a fire extinguisher and gas cap to be taped off. As well, they require something to be under the car (for drips). The Mustang Club has a spot (reserved for 10 cars) and those 10 cars will be roped off. The bad news is that the Club forms two rows of 5 cars each, nose to tail.

With regards to the spray, we apply a vinyl finish spray to the paint (recommended from our local cobra shop and approved by our painter). When applied, the car really shines.

For those who have seen our car on the gallery, we feel like we have a really clean car from the rotissorie restoration. Now all I have to do is try not to drive it in this Missouri weather to keep it clean until then.

I appreciate everyones response, looking for more if anyone has other great ideas!!!

Many thanks.

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