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This is a great question.

If it's an indoor show, they might want you to tape your gas cap shut.

The Jacob's GT/CS (in my book) was once shown at the Sacto Autorama with some sand and a surfboard and a fake palm tree. It was a pretty cool display.

If you would like to--you have my permission to color copy (enlarge?) the cover of my 1988 Edition to mount on a board & easel to display. The Ford brochure is also a good idea, too.

I think the most important message to visitors--especially outside of Calif., is to display things that explain that this was a factory-made Ford, and not a "one-off" custom Mustang. That would be the primary message to make (in my opinion).

Good Luck! ...and don't let that AC Cobra take away attention from your CS!!

Paul N.

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