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Re:Car Show Help

Will the car be roped off or will the public be able to attempt to open the doors, touch the paint, etc? The reason I ask is that if given a chance some people will open your doors when you are not paying attention. It also seems that car enthusiasts are just as interested in the interior of a car as the exterior of a car so you might want to leave the doors open and windows down. Especially if you have a deluxe interior or consoles. Mustang people tend to look at the ceiling first to see if there is a console up there. Besides, opening the doors helps show off the stripes.

Has anyone heard about using spray furniture polish (Pledge) to get the dust off the car. I've been told that most people who show their cars use such sprays just before every show. It seems like a good idea but I wonder how it reacts with the clear coat or even the wax on a car. Aren't there some similar dusting sprays out now made just for cars?

There is a "100% original" GT/CS on ebay with a '67 celing console. Is there any way Ford, or a dealer, would have installed a '67 upper console in an early '68 or did a previous owner just install it?
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