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Hi all! I was in contact w/Paul recently re the upcoming event at GAS. Trying to see if I can at least make it to one CS gathering this year, it's about 30mi away so kinda local and no excuse not to make it. Anyhow in his reply he asked if I could post the following shipping update on the new book:

Hello to everyone waiting for my book to arrive in your mailbox...
A semi truck delivered 6,000 lbs of books to me last Wednesday (13th), and
I've been frantically mailing books since. The priority books were to the
magazines for review, and then the contributors. As of today (Fri) those
have been sent out.
On Monday, I (literally) do the heavy lifting and begin sending books to
those who reserved them first. I bought special boxes to send them in, and
they are being sent via different ways, depending on the quantity reserved.
Those who reserved a copy (or more) should get their books in a week or two.
My resources are limited to ship books out, but I'm working hard to get them
out. I also have to number and sign each book. This takes some time to do.
I know that you'll just love this book, and feel it was well worth the wait.
Thank you to all of you that have supported me. I feel that this book is a
big turning point for the ownership of the GT/CS; both original and late
As a side note...I'm about to have a review of the book on an automotive
magazine website--that gets well over a million hits a month (If your GT/CS
is in this registry edition, you might want to order one ASAP).
More as it happens. Things are really happening here, now that the book is
-Paul M. Newitt
p.s. a copy was sent to the Ford Motor Company Archives in Dearborn.
Every car (and owner's name) in the Registry--in my book-- will be noted for
posterity in Ford's Archive.
Another copy is now on file at the Petersen Automotive Museum Archive, in
downtown Los Angeles.

1968 GT/CS 289-2v V8 AT, PS, drum brakes, tinted windows, Diamond Blue, black stripes, standard Black bucket interior. MCA#:70104
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