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Re:Car Show Help

Here is what I have done so far:

1. Album showing any original paper work (owners manual, build sheet, warranty cards, old titles, Marti Report, dealer brochures, sales window stickers, receipts showing historical maintenance). I also added in a few articles on Little Red to show the prototype the CS came from.

2. Poster using the "California Made It Happen" brochure. This original brochure folds out nicely to make a poster and explains that this car is unique and real (these are original dealer brochures and you can get them on eBay). I was able to find a cheap $10 poster frame to put the poster in and lean it against the car (or on an easle). This is a real attention grabber. Here is one on eBay.

3. Paul's Books. (Although, at the high prices, is anyone getting worried that someone will walk off with these when we happen to leave go get a hot dog?).

Has anyone made a poster showing history and statistics? In Paul's second book there is a page that can be copied and used in this manner, but I havent decided whether to use that or make a poster (the numbers are a bit different than those Paul had in 96). Would love to see any "stats/history" posters people have done.

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