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J code cars and the Marti Report

Here is a question that I havent found the answer yet in the forums. This may be quite obvious and if so excuse my ignorance....The bulk of 1968 GT/CS cars are 289--C code cars. Any mustang for 1968 (not just cal specials) had to be 302--J code or larger to have the GT equipment group option. In reviewing every forum member's Marti Report, 390--S codes or the one 428--R code has GT equipment group listed in the Marti Report. I havent found one report that says GT equipment group on a 302 J code car. Is this just a discreptantcy on the Marti Report, or none of the J code cars are true GT cars? I would love to hear from forum members who have J code cars. Does your car have the GT equipment group but wasnt listed on the Marti report or is it a no GT car? Thanks Doc
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