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I contacted Kevin about this apparent discrepancy, his reply:

"No, I can't explain it. It would appear that Ford just put the transmission code of 5 on all 68 390 cars on the data plate and did not create a distinction for that year,though the -M2 and -AD transmissions were both installed in the vehicles. Shop manuals are not a reliable source for data as they are printed before vehicles go into production."

My query was in specific relation to my -AD close ratio 390, and the fact an -M2 and -J2 are called out in the SM.

I guess one could assume the same occured for small blocks as well. Also, if you note the Marti reports they do not specify close or wide, just "4 speed manual transmission" (at least on mine).

Interesting to know how the line knew which to install, I'm guessing build sheet, would be interested to know but as San Jose removed them most of the time I don't have one for my car..

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