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Mustangs by the Numbers does not list a code 6 transmission in 1968.
Yep, but all I can say is I have an 8Rxxxxxx correct VIN stamped apparently factory original tagged RUG-AD close ratio in my 68 (hard to believe somone would fake that back in the 80's, the car sat that long before I bought and restored it). And Kee (and many other references) list a lot of pre-69 close ratios, so they did exist prior to '69, and both the close and wide ratios are noted in many references for '68 390's.

Never looked at it before, but the '68 shop manual lists both close and wide ratios, but a -J2 and -M2 for a 390, not the -AD Kee and some others note.

Be interesting to see some build sheets as it seems there's a variation in what is "correct" based on the sources...
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