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Originally Posted by calspcl View Post
Hmm Arlie, the beast has a 325 rear end. I was thinking it had a close ratio top loader as I can go through the gears very quickly. It seams like 1st gear takes a lot of clutch slide to engage. BUt after I am in first its easy squzzey. The wife has commented in the past about how fast I shift though the gears.

IIRC from last summer, before it started to rain!!!!!!!! and has not stopped and I we were driving to Robs Brisket GT/CS BBQ, at 60 MPH I was turning 3K plus RPMs. It was a little too much RPMs IMO for a cruise RPM. But that was last year and the IIRC does not always work so well.

Jbart close ratio is a hoot to drive around town, If you are crusiing the hiway, I would go with the wide ratio.
Once you are in 4th gear, close ratio and wide ratio are both the same (i.e. 1.00) and it is the rear end ratio that impacts RPM's.

60MPH turing 3K RPM does not sound like 3:25 gears. I'd say more like 3:70's. Were you in 4th gear?
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