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ok... my C4 has been replaced also with a 9k14**** version.

pretty much someone got a shell that was ok condition, and hooked up a drive train to it, then sold it.

thats what you get for a cheap project though i guess. so numbers matching is not going to happen, but i am going to attempt over the ownership of my car to get it date correct. i already have an engine, so its just a 3.00:1 diff to get the driveline "correct spec" then if i can find a 7L C4, i'll be happy.

does anyone know if the C4 changed at all over the years? is there a difference between a 68 and 69 for example? i would assume that all C4 auto's are pretty much the same throughout. but i have never actually heard if this is the true or not.

i can comfortably assume at this point that running the C4 i have will give the same results as the original transmission, and therefore not need replacing. it would just be a waste of money to swap the transmission out for the same transmission...
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