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Thanks! my car is an auto and so was the donor engine, so that explains it!

the guys here were saying if i want to get it correct it should have smog heads... i knew it wasn't true as they had never been off before. it had me wondering if the car was sold internationally and therefore may have been exempt from the smog system...

i'll post up my Marti and if you are interested, the marti of the car i got my engine from.

i got an elite report. thought my car may have been a little more original than it was when i got it...

other parts missing/swapped -

Diff - swapped to a 2.79 67 A code diff... or atleast housing with tag.

the C4 may have been replaced... not sure. haven't had a good look at it. where are the date codes on them?

for now, i have no money to do much, and are just keeping my eye out for the right parts to come along.

i'm focusing on parts that i am missing from under the hood. e.g. A/C, Smog, correct hinges, winscreen washer setup, engine mounts, fan spacer, pulleys setup for engine with AC and PS.

i want to avoid Drake parts, as i have already purchased stuff locally of this quality and was too embarressed to put it on my car...

i am also looking for NOS chrome, and anything shiny. at least i will know its top quality. there are so many crap parts out there, i want to make sure that it shines like factory! please feel free to point me to any good quality repop parts that are original quality. i'm sure there can't be too many of them.

i am also looking for the outer corral ornament, the large one, NOS without pitting. its the last piece i need for my grill. every piece i find is either over priced or over priced with pitting! actually i think they all have been pitted so far... its a non GT car.

need a gas cap too...

its a long list!

i will upload some pics when i work out how. anyone know if you can post pics here using my photobucket account, without having to upload pics all the time?

by the way, i am also a forum member at 2 aussie mustang sites. the owners club forum and mustang tech forum. you can find me on there too frequently!



once i have enough posts under my belt, i'll be able to post links to my albums...
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