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Re: GT/CS Book Status
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Since I've received several messages right after my posting today, here are the details:

The "Mustang GT/CS Recognition Guide and Owner's Manual" (Hardbound Registry Edition) is $100 per copy.
Please include $6 for shipping, (and $8.25 sales tax for California residents only).

I accept checks or money orders made out to me (Paul M. Newitt).
Foreign Checks or M.O. need to be from a US bank.
Canadian checks must be in US funds, from a U.S. bank.
Send to:

Paul M. Newitt
P.O. Box 427
Danville, CA 94526

This book includes the following:
• Hardbound Textured Black Cover with Silver Foil GT/CS Stripes impression.
• Signed and Numbered Signature Page
• Metal Tag with Book Number
• 224 Color Pages, High Quality Printing
• (At Least) 70,000 words
• Over 400 photographs and diagrams.

• A brief History of 1968
• California Car Culture
• Development of the 1968 Mustang
• Lee Grey Story/ Lee Iacocca Story/Timeline
• Little Red--4 page Story & high rez photos
• Development of the "Mustang 350" and “GT/Sport Coupe”
• GT/CS Production Design & Blueprint images
• A.O. Smith story and parts casting procedures
• Milpitas Assembly Plant story with new photos!
• How the GT/CS was produced at the Milpitas Plant
• GT/CS Marketing Story: the reveal on Feb 15th,1968
• Advertising brochure, postcard & TV commercials
• Complete Marti Report with GT/CS production specs
• The High Country Special info! (thanks to Bob Teets!)
• Production changes
• DSO information, and Western States distribution
• General Recognition, “How to spot a fake”

Parts descriptions with every detail, assembly
procedure, specs, part numbers, including.....
• Grille, Marchal & Lucas Fog Lights
• Hood, Hood Pins • Side Scoops
• Taillight Panels • Taillight wiring
• Ornamentation & Stripes ID
• Factory Options
• Engine Specs and Descriptions
• Dealer Options and Accessories
• Interior Information and Codes
• Wheel Covers, SS Wheels and Tires specs
• High Performance vintage parts

Concours Restoration info, (thanks to Mike Jewell!)
for restoration, including....
• Paint/Sealants/Fiberglass
• Undercarriage specs, color diagrams (by Jeff Speegle!)
• Engine & Engine Bay
• Front and Rear Suspension
• Trunk Detailing
• GT/CS Stripes Application (1968 and 2007-09!)
• Concours Parts Information
• Late Model--2007-09 History, Production and prototype photos
• 2011 GT/CS Story

• Registry-22 pages, 1,300 cars listed by VIN,
with owner car photos. Color coded by DSO.
• Appendix: EXP-500 “Green Hornet” Story- 8 pages
• GT/CS Collectibles

Thanks again to all of you--who helped make this book possible!!!

Paul (at) pmndesigns (dot) com

P.S. A book signing at Galpin Ford (in Los Angeles) has been approved for sometime in May. Email me, or write to my P.O. Box if you're interested in attending. Our 40th show in 2009 was a real blast!-and the parking lot at GAS ( was completely full!!

66 Shelby GT 350, 55 Chev Nomad my sons 07 Shelby GT#4208. SOLD Candy Apple Red 390GTAuto w/air - Now in Australia.
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