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Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
Hey Renee,

I believe his name was Mark. I did tell him of the site, kinda hoped he would have looked in by now, mebbe not.

Anyway, what building will your car be in this weekend at the car show? I plan on attending with a couple of friends, and want to make sure I stop by.

Hey Robert,

Glad you got to meet Mark. He is a really nice guy!! Him and his wife Rose are not very "computer savvy" so he had trouble registering on the website. I had left him a message to call me so I could help him, but I never heard back. I do have his number, so I may just try again

As for the AutoRama, I am not sure yet where I will be. As of today, I still have not gotten my "package" with my registration info. I called them today to find out what is going on, and they told me that they will have something waiting for me at "will call" tomorrow when I get there. So, tomorrow night, I will let you know where I will be located at the show.

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