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Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
So I'm going into my local gas station tonight, and as I come out I see a red Cal Special at the pumps. The gentleman driving is in his car talking on his cell phone, and I mouth the words "I have a California Special too". He ends his conversation, and gets out and we talk about the cars for about 10 minutes.

It seems he has owned this car for over 30 years, handed it down to his daughter and his son as a car to drive while in school (lucky kids), and is now driving it occasionally. He lives in the Roseville area, northeast of Sacramento. The Special is very clean and straight, with a nice paint job, 289 and automatic, center console, Lucas fog lamps, and that is about it for the options.

He has a cracked lens on one of his fog lamps and has been somewhat looking to replace the lens. I mentioned this site as a place where he ought to visit and check in, and maybe someone can direct him to where he can get a replacement.

Anyway, I just had to run home and get the story out. Renee would be proud of me!

Hey Robert,

The guy's name wasn't Mark was it?? If so, it is the same one I spotted a few months ago. If not, there is a new one out there and it is great to know that. Don't see them very often, but when we do it is so good to chat with a fellow owner.

Did you tell the guy about this website and ask him to come out and join us? You didn't happen to get any pictures did you?

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