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Originally Posted by obwan93001 View Post
Sounds like a great time was had by all Doug, that is awesome you and your son attended AND that you got to drive there in his GT500, schweet! Thanks for the report, I imagined myself there as I read it and the pics helped too , nice job.


Not Shelby GT500 (Larger engine and more goodies) - Shelby GT (smaller engine)

Shelby GT - these were Mustang GT's that were shipped to Shelby LV and made into Shelby's

GT 500 are built into Shelby's through an licensing agreement between Ford and Shelby America

66 Shelby GT 350, 55 Chev Nomad my sons 07 Shelby GT#4208. SOLD Candy Apple Red 390GTAuto w/air - Now in Australia.
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